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About Me

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Whether in school, sports career or life Maurice Shaw has always pushed himself to be his best and now he is looking to do that for others at Capoeira Batuque Sacramento. After 15 years of training with Mestre Amen Santo at Capoeira Batuque's Headquarters in Los Angeles, Maurice has graduated to level of Professor and is recognized in the Capoeira community as Professor Feriado. Professor Feriado A.K.A. Maurice Shaw was born and raised in Sacramento and has returned home after 20 years to share what he has learned with the Sacramento Community at Capoeira Batuque Sacramento. 

Raised in a single parent home, Maurice worked hard to be at his best in both academics & athletics and is looking forward to applying some of those decision making skills to his teachings at Capoeira Batuque Sacramento. After graduating from El Camino High School, he earned a full ride scholarship for football to play at the University of Washington where his team won the Pac-10 and Rose Bowl championships. Maurice is looking forward to sharing what it takes to be a champion and how Capoeira can help both children and adults along the way at Capoeira Batuque Sacramento.

When Maurice's football career ended his drive to succeed did not. It led Maurice to UCLA where he auditioned against top actors from across the country to get into a program that only accepted 12 people. During Maurice's second year at UCLA's Graduate School Theater Program, Maurice discovered the beauty of Capoeira during a stage combat class taught by Mestre Amen Santo. After graduating from UCLA in 2004 with his MFA in Theater, Maurice acted in some of the finest theaters in Los Angeles doing Shakespeare, he has written and directed plays, has been on TV and in Films, supported his family, continued his training with Mestre Amen, and is now bringing Capoeira Batuque to Sacramento.

A Note From Me

I am looking forward to being a guide to bridge capoeira, martial arts, athletics, performing arts, and philosophy of life. I had two back surgeries in 1997 and 1998 but since discovering capoeira in 2002 my back and body is much stronger, I am more flexible, and my agility is beyond what I could have imagined when I was training for football and certainly beyond what I could have imagine with herniated disks in my back. If I had discovered Capoeira at a much younger age I believe  I would have played fotball much longer. Over time, while training capoeira  your body will start to develop differently. Capoeira increases flexibility, strength, power, speed, footwork, timing, agility, awareness, and concentration.